TUTORIAL : Setup Ad Hoc Wireless Network with Shared Internet Connection | Ubuntu 10.04

The first make your wireless device adapter detected by Ubuntu, or you already have the device driver and installed to be able to follow this step.

On this tutorial I assuming using 2 Laptop running Ubuntu Lucid both, and have a Wireless LAN adapter of course.

Step 1 we will work on laptop that have an internet connection, can be a LAN cable or Wireless Modem whatever, that's no problem.

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Terimakasih atas award dan tag yang telah diberikan oleh pemilik blog Ponselhp dengan judul blog Seputar dunia Ponsel dan HP.

berikut adalah tag yang diberikan, saya akan berusaha untuk menjawab

NAUTILUS : Add a "Set as Wallpaper" entry in context menu | Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

You can use Nautilus extension to do that,
to install this extension, go to terminal and type this command
sudo apt-get install nautilus-wallpaper

after that extension installed restart your nautilus,
and you will be able to use an image as wallpaper by right click on it.

TIPS : Make low cost Own Web, Mail, File and Chat Servers at Home

Creating a home server itself is not difficult, with improvised devices you can create a home server itself.

I also have one at home, with a Pentium 4 PC and a broadband connection with Public IP, I can host a web, mail, files and chat server at home.

To save money, all the software I use Opensource.
This is the specifications:

Empathy IM Client : Online with multiple Accounts on single Application | Ubuntu 10.04

Have a multiple chat account, and complicated with many chat Application ?

now with Empathy you will not be complicated by the application if you have a many accounts anymore, because Empathy can handle more than one chat accounts simultaneously.

computer resources will also not to be freed if you use a single application like Empathy IM Client to online with multiple accounts.

Empathy also have VoIP and Video Call facility built-in, so even if your friends are not using Servers that have the VoIP or Video call facilities , you can still use the facility if you chat with a friend who also wore Empathy chat.

TUTORIAL : Customize your Ubuntu Lucid Lynx Appearance with Compiz, Docky and Screenlets

saturated with display of your ubuntu?let's try a little fox,
to make it look more appealing and attractive.

Ubuntu is not only fast and reliable, but if further deepened,
ubuntu can also be customizable.
Whether to save time let's follow the steps below

You need to install an Additional applications like :

- Compiz to add a desktop effects

- Screenlets to manage dekstop gadgets

- Docky to add a dock bar

PHISHING : Need a php Phishing Script ? FIND Here... Just Copy and paste PHP Phishing Script

OK now I will share my private script to you,,
please use this script with carefully...

Be remember, any risk is not my responsibility

Change the url http://www.domain.com/redirect/here to url that you want to redirect, for example http://login.facebook.com

SOLVED : Openfire Server Administrator Password doesn't work after install

I'm got this error after installing Openfire Server 3.6.4 on my Ubuntu 10.04 LTS,

this problem occur after i finished installing Openfire, i could't able to logon to the admin console, I remember the password but it's doesn't work, Openfire says Login failed: make sure your username and password are correct and that you're an admin or moderator.

I'm so confused, until I found the solution

If you have this problem you can try this

TUTORIAL : Download Youtube Video from Ubuntu Terminal

You can download a youtube video directly from your Ubuntu terminal, this can be done using a application called youtube-dl.

youtube-dl can catch a youtube-video by entering the video url,

follow this step to download a youtube video with youtube-dl :

1. you must install youtube-dl

2. type sudo apt-get install youtube-dl in your terminal

3. wait the process to be completed

HACKING TOOLS : Free Download Backdoor Trojan with remover, Stealth Spy Ver.1.1

Need a trojan ?
let's try my first project...
with this tool you can control your target computer with telnet service automaticaly...

This tools is written by my self with Batch Programming, (MS-DOS .bat File) and i compile it to .exe application with converter tools. the program structures is very simple but perfect.. this program can enabled a Telnet Server Services, start it immediately and automatically,

This is the complete specification :

SOLVED : External .ico Favicon not shown on blogger (Failed with custom Favicon)

If you want to change your default favicon on your blog, and that could't be shown it's same as me,,

I have trying so many way to do that, but the favicon never change...

Until i'm found the way how to change it, now i will share my experiences to you..

So you let's do it...

Create a Simple Slideshow Wallpaper on Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04

You can create a simple wallpaper slideshow like Windows 7 on Ubuntu with XML Script, Now i will share that script to you...

The first you must prepare the images that you want to use as slideshow wallpaper,, minimal you need 10Pictures for nice looks... if you want to add more images you can do that later,,

This in the step :

1. Open your terminal.
2. Type sudo gedit , and insert your password
3. gedit text editor window will shown
4. Copy and Paste this script to gedit

RESOLVED : Setting Modem CDMA Prolink P2000 on Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04

Finally after all this time looking for a way out, now I succeeded setting up Modem Prolink P2000 that I bought on my Ubuntu.
From all the forums I've browse,starting from replace the SCSI Emulation module with modprobe usbserial , usbmodeswitch etc., but no one was willing.
Because I kept trying, I found a simple but effective way, and finally I can use a cheap internet connection in my Ubuntu with Telkom Flexi ISP,,
Hahaha ... : D

if you have a same problem just follow the instructions, guaranteed to be going well. Remember be exactly alike there should be no steps are missed, OK.

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