TUTORIAL : Setup Ad Hoc Wireless Network with Shared Internet Connection | Ubuntu 10.04

The first make your wireless device adapter detected by Ubuntu, or you already have the device driver and installed to be able to follow this step.

On this tutorial I assuming using 2 Laptop running Ubuntu Lucid both, and have a Wireless LAN adapter of course.

Step 1 we will work on laptop that have an internet connection, can be a LAN cable or Wireless Modem whatever, that's no problem.

 -Open Netowork Manager,righ click at the network icon and select Edit Connetions..., looks at the pictures


-Select Wireless tab > Add

-Set Up wireless Window will appear, on connection Name insert your name (Not SSID), Mode : Ad-hoc, SSID : your network name that can appear on wireless client list. Antoher options leave blank.

-If you have been finished on Wireless tab, directly click the IPv4 Settings tab. On Method options select Shared to other computers. Click Apply when you finish.
-Left Click on Network Manager Icon and Select Create New Wireless Network...

-Select the Wireless Network name that you have been made.
-And Select Create
-OK, we're almost finished, now on Laptop client left click on the Wireless Netowork icon and than select wireless network name (SSID) that you have been made from the list.

OK, I hope this simple article usefull to you...
Have a nice day... :)

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