SOLVED : External .ico Favicon not shown on blogger (Failed with custom Favicon)

If you want to change your default favicon on your blog, and that could't be shown it's same as me,,

I have trying so many way to do that, but the favicon never change...

Until i'm found the way how to change it, now i will share my experiences to you..

So you let's do it...

1. You must login to your blogger account
2. On the blogger dashboard, select New Post , and upload Images that you want to use
3. Be sue to select .PNG images tipe, don't use ico, if you want to convert your images to .png you can do that by using web icon converter services like Before you upload the image, rename it to favicon.png , don't use any name other than favicon.png if you really want to change your favicon !
4. Upload the images until complete, and than copy the image link that you have been uploaded to blogger. By right click on the images and select Copy Link location, or Copy Images Location in your browser.
5. Open new tab and go to edit HTML you can found this menu in Layout on Dashboard menu.
6. Be sure to backup your template to avoid failure editing
7. Insert this script before <b:skin>

<link href='' rel='icon' type='image/png'/>

8. Change the link '' with your images link that you have been uploaded.
9. Save template, clear your browser cache and enjoy !

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