Empathy IM Client : Online with multiple Accounts on single Application | Ubuntu 10.04

Have a multiple chat account, and complicated with many chat Application ?

now with Empathy you will not be complicated by the application if you have a many accounts anymore, because Empathy can handle more than one chat accounts simultaneously.

computer resources will also not to be freed if you use a single application like Empathy IM Client to online with multiple accounts.

Empathy also have VoIP and Video Call facility built-in, so even if your friends are not using Servers that have the VoIP or Video call facilities , you can still use the facility if you chat with a friend who also wore Empathy chat.

Empathy supports multiple protocols, for version 2.30.1 on Ubuntu Lucid Lynx supports 19 protocols.

- Facebook
- Google Talk
- Jabber
- People Nearby (Ubuntu Built-in)
- gadugadu
- Groupwise
- mxit
- Myspace
- qq
- sametime
- silc
- Yahoo!
- Yahoo! japan
- Zephir

To Access Empahty, on your Ubuntu Desktop click the Mail icon on Top Right Corner of your desktop

Click the Chat icon to open Empathy
for first time use, a Wizard will be appear
Follow on screen instructions to Setup your accounts.

To using a VoIP and Video call feature, you can do this only with your friend that using Empathy too.
Look at the Picture :

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