TIPS : Make low cost Own Web, Mail, File and Chat Servers at Home

Creating a home server itself is not difficult, with improvised devices you can create a home server itself.

I also have one at home, with a Pentium 4 PC and a broadband connection with Public IP, I can host a web, mail, files and chat server at home.

To save money, all the software I use Opensource.
This is the specifications:


Assembled PCs:
   -Intel Pentium 4 2.26GHz Processsor
   -Memory DDR-512 RAM
   -Hard Drive 40GB IDE
   -Mainboard VIA PM800

   -ADSL Modem Astoria Network AR3513S
   -ISP Telkom Speedy Broadband with Public IP
   -OS Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx
   -Web Server Apache2, and the Content  Management System (CMS) I use Drupal 6
   -Postfix Mail Server, and for the Web mails i use RoundCube
   -Chat Server Openfire (XMPP)
It is a specification, if you've got specs above you can also create your own.
Given that my server can communicate with my family wherever they are.

By using standard Java mobile phone, Chat client application can be installed on mobile phones, currently I am using Bombus jabber client to access the Openfire XMPP server. I feel different when wearing their own servers to communicate, then in addition I also host a web chat server for just sharing info, blogging and writing articles when there is spare time.

Creating a Web Site itself is not difficult, you can use ready-made. As Content management sytem (CMS), I use Drupal 6 as a CMS, in addition to Drupal you can also use Joomla. No need to learn complicated web programming language, everything is there to stay in use only.

How? you want to have too?
if yes, let's try it own ..
Essentially what you need just like PC Hardware, Modem and cooling if necessary, then the operating system software (I use Ubuntu because it is very stable and easy to use) and their servers of course. And do not forget also the Public IP that can be accessed from around the world, if you dificult to remember your Public IP Address, you can use a Domain Name Service like Dyndns.

Good, hopefully this article useful:)

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