WAMMU : Phone Suite Application for Ubuntu

This application is so similar with Nokia PC Suite or other Phone suite. You can use this application to read, edit, delete, copy contact, todo and calendar on supported phone, like Nokia, Siemens and Alcatel. This application includes the SMS composers for multi-part SMS Messages, and display the pictures that included to the SMS Messages.

For the complete specification let's try this application on your Ubuntu machine, to install it just run this command on terminal
sudo apt-get install wammu

this is the screenshot :

2 Response to "WAMMU : Phone Suite Application for Ubuntu"

  1. Ade Malsasa Akbar 8 Juli 2011 22.32
    Hebat! Baru tahu ada yang begini di dunia Linux.
  2. Aditya's 8 Juli 2011 22.33
    sudah coba linux mas ??
    mantep lho...