RESOLVED : Acer 4740 running very slowly on Ubuntu Lucid lynx

This problem can occur because the memory priority is set to optimize the Virtual Memory. So your Virtual Memory (Swap) will be very busy than your Physical memory (RAM).

The Virtual memory had a huge difference with Physical memory (RAM is more faster than the Virtual Memory), so your Computer will be slow down drastically.

This Problem can be solved by changing the memory usage priority to RAM, not using Swap / Virtual Memory. you can follow this step to change the Ubuntu Memory priority :

Do it on terminal, Application > Accessories > Terminal

View the current value of Memory Priority :

sudo cat /proc/sys/vm/swappiness

Note :
Higher value mean currently the memory priority is set to Swap
The best result is lower value

Change the memory priority :

sudo sysctl vm.swappiness=10

Note :
10 is the value, higher is Swap Lower is RAM

That way is not permanent, that setting will be reset after you reboot. But that setting can applied immediately without reboot.

Second way make the setting permanent :

gksudo gedit /etc/sysctl.conf

The Gedit text editor will be showen,,
add this to the end of the file :


Save and reboot
Done !

2 Response to "RESOLVED : Acer 4740 running very slowly on Ubuntu Lucid lynx"

  1. Tomsi 27 Juli 2010 20.14
    i was bought new RAM,
    so my acer now have 2Gb..
    it's can solve the problems too :)
  2. Aditya's 27 Juli 2010 22.25
    yeah, that is the best way...
    coz acer 4740 comes with 1Gb RAM by default, i think it's so poor to get full speed with the "i" Series of Processor.