RESOLVED : Download and Install Driver for Compaq COProcessor Unknown Device

Finally after so much searching, I'm success to install all the drivers on my Compaq Presario laptop.
Initially I was using Windows Vista, but because many of the problems I get when using Windows Vista, I finally decided to upgrade to Windows 7.

But I forgot to copy my old drivers on Windows Vista, well after I install Windows 7 all drivers could be identified unless there are two that have not been, the "Coprocessor and Unknown Device." I'm trying to figure out what exactly was missing, from the official Compaq websites, forums and turorial that I read and follow none of which worked for me.

But in the end I try to view system information from dxdiag menu (Start> Run> dxdiag) I have read that my chipset is NVidia nForce.
From there I was trying to find a suitable driver info, but failed as well.
I've downloaded the installer about the size of 180 Mb, but still failed.
I still have not surrendered to find the right driver, in the end I tried to manually install the driver.

I get the chipset drivers and some bus Controller drivers from friends who have the same laptop with me.
He is still using Windows Vista.
Then I try to intall the driver manually on my laptop from the Device Manager.
and how happy my heart when the driver is successfully installed smoothly.

Although at first I hesitated because at the time of install manual, there is the Windows message appears that says Driver is not WHQL certified but I have ignored the message and continue the installation.
And I now have successfully completed installing the driver on my Compaq laptop.

For the people who have same problem with me, just download this driver.
I will share to you. Install these driver manually from device manager.
If you don't know how to install driver manually you can find the many many tutorial to doing this from internet.

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  1. Anonim 23 Juli 2010 20.34
    Thank's brother
    it's work for me ;)
  2. Aditya's 27 Juli 2010 22.23
    OK,, happy to help you ;)
  3. Rizoo 29 September 2011 16.17
    Thanx a lot bro it work for me 2