Drupal Sites Change : PHP has encountered a Stack overflow

A few days ago I was having problems for quite surprised, at first when I was using Drupal CMS on IIS Web Server 7.5 and because it feels very slowly (First I use Apache feels faster), Because of that. I activate the cache function on the Site config / Performance, after I press the save button and then I waited a little longer the error message appear "PHP has encountered a Stack overflow" there I was panic, because the Web that I made good but instead added even more devastated. I want to reset the settings, but I can not go to the Administer, the error message appears again and again. I really panic at that time.

Then I tried googling to find solutions, but no results. There was only a question and the same question as I have. But in the end I found a forum, but forgot the name right. There I described how to solve it and I try it 100% successful. I went back to normal Web without resistance.
Here's how:

1. login to PHPMyAdmin with your Root rights
2. Find your Drupal database
3. Search variable named "preprocess_css" without the quotation marks
4. For more details, see picture

5. Click go to start your search
6. After meet changing value of "1" to "0"
7. See pictures for more clearly instead of s: 1: "1"; become s: 1: "0"; by clicking on the pencil icon

8. Then run Cron.php
9.  Open web browser type the url of your Drupal root
10. For example in the Firefox browser the url input http://localhost/cron.php
11. Wait a few moments until the process is completed then your problem will be OK.

Hope usefull to you...

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